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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day

 Some messages of Valentine Love for my husband Casey.  We celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in just 12 days!  The greatest 20 years of my life: I love you, Hun!
Casey, Happy Valentines's Day heart rocks photo
Luv U heart rock
  "be mine" heart rock

These Valentines were joyfully developed with found art from my extensive Heart Rock Collection, and the following apps:  PicShop, and PicArt.

As a follow-up to my February 2 post on Found Art, let me say that heart shaped rocks are probably my favorite form of God's communicative art found in nature.  Call me silly, I don't care at all.  I will laugh with you!  But I unapologetically feel God's love more, every time I come across another heart shaped rock.  They feel like divine Valentine's Day cards, created throughout the millenia of earth's creation, mailed specifically from God to me, to be received throughout each year; God knowing where I will be and walk and look throughout my life, He strategically placed each one, ready to be found and cherished.  Knowing I would need to hear it once again:  "God loves me!"  Sign me up for a mental evaluation, go ahead.  But before you do, keep in mind that we all think ourselves to be the most sane person in the room.  And I know that God has my address!


  1. Not silly at all, I'm right there with you Lorie in your appreciation for God's communicative art found in nature. Your heart rock images are beautiful. I love how you incorporated graphics with them too. Oh and happy anniversary coming up :)

  2. Thanks Paula, you are a very validating friend! ~LK


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